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Artists need shelter. Artists need space. Artists need time.

Surel’s Place, a non-profit artist in residency program, offers artists the gift of all three. Located in Boise, Idaho, and nestled steps from the Boise River, this modern live-work space is at the center of the Surel Mitchell Live-Work-Create District. Here you will find a community that values you and the art you make

There is wide community support for this organization, with generous donations already accumulating and a list of ready volunteers growing rapidly. Boise is a community that values artists and art, and residents will be valued and appreciated for the energy, ideas, and beauty they bring to our city.

At this time, applications are taken on a rotating basis. Applications are reviewed by juries of accomplished Boise artists, writers, and fine arts professionals. All applicants will be notified of decisions via email at the address they provide on the application.

The program is open to professional visual and literary artists: painters, writers, musicians, architects, choreographers . . . any artist who needs a place to focus. However, because of the property’s limitations and proximity to neighbors, this is not a place that can accommodate loud or terribly messy processes, such as welding, drumming, or blacksmithing.


PO BOX 2004
BOISE, ID 83702
(206) 407-7529

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