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Penland Resident Artist Program
The Penland School Resident Artist Program seeks to enrich the total educational experience at Penland by providing a stimulating, supportive environment for artists at transitional points in their careers. Penland resident artists are full-time, self-supporting craftspeople who live and work at the school for three years.

The resident program was founded in 1963 by Bill Brown, Penland’s second director. It created an opportunity for craft artists to hone their skills, to develop markets, to experiment, to develop new work, or possibly to move from a career in teaching to one of full-time making. It allows participants to explore a transitional time in an atmosphere of learning and community, where they may choose to interact with the hundreds of studio artists, teachers, and students who pass through the school each year. It also provides students with models for a life in craft. Consistent with his vision of Penland as the nexus of a working craft community, Brown also saw the program as a means of encouraging craftspeople to settle in the area. Today, there are over one-hundred craft artists working in the immediate vicinity, and forty of them are former resident artists.

Andrew Glasgow Writers Residency

The Andrew Glasgow Writer’s Residency, a new Penland program in 2010, will provide emerging and established writers, scholars, and curators with time to conduct research and write on topics designed to advance the field of crafts. This program is intended for writers who would benefit from focused time in a retreat environment, who have specific project goals related to craft, and who want to interact with studio artists in the Penland community.

Penland School of Crafts is located near Spruce Pine in Mitchell County, North Carolina, northeast of Asheville.



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