An Online Community for Artists

Artists-in-Residence.com has been providing free web space to artists in the visual, performing, and literary arts for over ten years. We are in the process of relaunching our website and are accepting new members who are willing to help us test out our new format.

A Play On Words

Yes, Artists-In-Residence.com is also a play on words. Our mission is to bring together artist-in-residence programs with artists. Our members are not only organizations that offer artist-in-residence programs but also visual, performing and literary artists.  Members will become our artists-in-residence and create their own space here enabling them to showcase and promote their organization or careers.

We are now accepting members for beta testing.

What we are looking for in beta testers:
Artist-In-Residence programs
Professional and Emerging – Visual artists, Performing artists, Literary artists
Nonprofit arts organizations and groups
Agents, Coaches and Consultants in the Arts and Humanities
Teachers of the Arts and Humanities
Students preparing for a career in the arts

What our beta testers will receive:
Our beta testers will be given a free one-year upgraded package on Artists-In-Residence.com. You will be able to use the space to present information about your A-I-R program, arts-related organization, business or, as an artist, you may create an online portfolio or resume. We do monitor submissions and you have to read and agree to our terms. Some things we don’t allow are fan pages or affiliate marketing pages. Our goal is to help promote your A-I-R program or your career as an artist. You may upload images of your work, embed YouTube or Vimeo videos, and upload documents such as writing samples, resumes, or CV’s. You will be able to share your Artists-In-Residence.com space with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and other social networks. You may submit articles and press releases for possible publication in our News section. Selected members will also have the opportunity to be featured in our slideshow on the homepage. Even if you already have your own website, membership here will help boost your online presence and credibility.

What we ask of our beta testers

We ask a few things of our beta testers. After you sign up we want you to start working on your space right away and contact us if you notice any bugs or run into any problems. We need your input to help us fix any glitches, fine tune the site, and create our database of FAQ’s for future members. We hope you will use your talents and creativity so that we can use your space as examples for future artists-in-residence. We think our members will come up with ways that we haven’t thought up yet to use and improve the website. We also ask that you help spread the word about Artists-In-Residence.com – tell your collegues about us, like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, repin us on Pinterest.

Are you ready to become an Artist-In-Residence?

You may join by registering for the site. After that go ahead and create a free listing. We will then upgrade your listing to the one-year package.

To register a new account  -Click Here-.